One of the most prized and sought-after of all North American game animals is the elusive Timber Wolf. If this is on your bucket list then Bull Lake Outfitters is the place to make it happen. We boast one of the highest harvest rates in the industry with a large number of colour phase wolves and we are proud of what we do! Here at Bull Lake Outfitters we focus on feeding and managing the pack year round to ensure the greatest chance of success for our hunters during open hunting seasons. Enjoy a self guided hunt over one of our bait sites that are maintained on a bi-weekly basis or join one of our guides on the adventure of a lifetime calling and stalking your trophy thru the vast Northern Ontario Wilderness. Either way you are sure to have an amazing experience! Each hunt is fully customizable to every hunters needs and is priced accordingly. Meal plans and American plan service is available. Please contact us for more information and availability.

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